Problems to Practice On

This section is at the core of this website. The problems listed in this section will engage you in an interactive dialogue, which will take you step by step from the problem statement to the solution of the problem.

While we have currently hosted a few problems intended to give a proof of concept/demonstration, we expect to eventually populate this site with perhaps a few thousand problems suited to every grade/class level. Instead of clicking your way to the solution of the problems, we advise you to take a pen and paper in hand and work your way through each problem the solution of which is not obvious to you. That's how you will get the best out of this site.

This proof of concept is based on an open source software platform for interactive tutorials called Oppia. The final working software for this website will be very close in functionality to Oppia, so it is a good platform for providing this proof of concept.

Click on the "List of Problems" link on the left to view the list of problems. Once you click on a problem, the web page may take a few seconds to load the online interpreter which walks you through the problem. If you are visiting this site after some time, refresh your browser window on the "List of Problems" page to view the latest problems, and when you are visiting a problem, refresh your browser window on that problem to load the latest version of that problem, if any.

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